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At the heart of our online service is our deep desire to commitment to communicate the Good News of Christ in calling to his disciples, "Come, follow me and I will make you fishers of people" (Mk 1:17) and in the task of preparing them to be "men after His own heart"
cf. 1 Sam 13:14). 

The four pillars of seminary formation in human, spiritual, intellectual and pastoral along with their development and integration lie at the heart of our daily programs. A summary will give you some ideas of enormous scope as well as the privileged and awesome nature of priestly formation and our endeavours.

As part of ongoing efforts to give a window into what it is like to be at St Charles Seminary, a more regular update is featured on our Facebook page and a our quarterly newsletter Humilitas.

You will find in them a snippet of some 'good news' that brings home the story of certain young men who have heard Christ's call and found the grace and courage to put themselves forward for the plentiful "work of the Lord's vineyard" (Lk 10:2), and how the experience has continued to change and shape the contour of their lives.

I deeply appreciate the initial and ongoing work, dedication and technological skills of everyone who makes it possible to bring our lives and services to your world.

Please keep our seminarians and staff in your prayers.

- Fr Francis Nguyen



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